The Rocket's Red Glare

Posted on Thursday, July 3, 2014

Peter Alderman (BA ’68, English) is an author, teacher, and producer of two award winning documentaries. He’s recently published a new book, The Rocket’s Red Glare; a true story about how The Star Spangled Banner became our national anthem.

The book tells a story of risk, bravery, hope, sacrifice, and triumph; all while teaching young readers about history and geography.

Alderman said that he chose to write a story about the National Anthem because he sees images of some of our nation’s most historical events when looking at the flag, and many people take for granted the sacrifices paid to keep our country free.

“The national anthem is in honor of all those who have perished to make us a free nation,” Alderman said. “I always felt that honor should be reflected in our response to hearing the national anthem as an expression of respect to our men and women in the armed service.”

The book is packaged with a CD that features songs and a narration of the book by country artist JoDee Messina.

As a student at Western Michigan University, Alderman belonged to the TKE fraternity and was extremely involved on campus. He said that while he met a lot of great men while in the fraternity, he made sure he was involved with many people outside the group as well. Alderman said that he wanted to take full advantage of the college experience, and took every opportunity to immerse himself and expand.

He also got his start as a writer in college. Alderman said that he was always a writer, joking that he could never remember a thought past two minutes and had to write everything down.

“I wrote my way through college and grad school,” Alderman said. “I believe in painting a picture with words. I also believe that everyone can write and that everyone has a story.”

Alderman spent 37 years teaching at multiple schools in Massachusetts and has been nominated twice for teacher of the year. Alderman also wrote and produced two documentaries that were awarded by A&E, Bravo, and CVI as ‘Documentaries of the Year.’

“Having many interests makes life so much more enjoyable and makes me so much more receptive to all that life has to offer,” Alderman said.

To learn more about The Rocket’s Red Glare, click here.

Peter and his wife, Pam (pictured) currently live in Nashville.