Heritage Hall

Home of the WMU Alumni Center on Prospect Hill

The Western Michigan University Board of Trustees unanimously approved making Heritage Hall the new official name for the building that will house the WMU Alumni Center. The building's formal designation will be Western Michigan University's Heritage Hall, the home of the WMU Alumni Center on Prospect Hill. Read more about the official name here. For information about visiting Heritage Hall, please click here.



The new alumni center at Western Michigan University will serve all living alumni who call WMU their Alma Mater, and will honor those historic figures and alumni who are no longer living. Through gifts to the Alumni Center, all alumni and friends of WMU will have the opportunity to make a direct impact on the future of Historic East Campus and Western Michigan University, visible for generations to come.


Many opportunities exist to name or memorialize spaces within and around Heritage Hall, including two options of pavers/bricks on the porch, an Interactive Storyboard in the main lobby, and many other areas on Prospect Hill. To learn more about the naming opportunities, click on the "Alumni Center Naming" button above or contact Renee Pearl at (269) 387- 8790 or renee.pearl@wmich.edu

The Alumni Center will be designed to:
  • Serve as a home for all alumni, family, and friends of WMU
  • Showcase the birthplace of the University in the context of the City of Kalamazoo
  • Serve as a touchstone for the WMU experience
  • Be a community asset
  • Offer flexible and multipurpose gathering spaces to the community
  • Illustrate the University's commitment to sustainability

The facility will be a starting point for important visitors to the University, including prospective students, and it will be a resource center and a place to house artifacts that are of paramount importance to the University’s rich history.

The center will be capable of hosting exclusive or large-scale events, becoming an upscale meeting space that can be used to host visitors, sign gift agreements, and honor distinguished alumni. The space will also be flexible to accommodate larger events.

To read more about the project's progress, please visit MyWMU.com/AlumniCenterUpdates.

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