Make a Gift Through Payroll Deduction

WMU Employee Payroll Deduction Giving
If you are an employee of Western Michigan University and would like to make a gift via payroll deduction, please complete the form below. Would you prefer not to share your personal information online? Then please download our employee giving form, which can be printed and sent via mail. If you would like to make a gift via a credit card, please either visit our giving page, or call the MyWMU Concierge at (269) 387-8746.

First Name:
Last Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:

Campus Address:
Campus Building:
Campus Mail Stop:
Employee ID (this may be found at the top of your WEBcheck information):

Is there another person who should also receive credit for this gift?
If yes, what is the individual's name, including title?
If yes, is the individual a WMU employee?
Department of employee receiving credit:

Designation (if you would like to make multiple gift designations, please list them, including amounts in either percentage or dollar amount format):
Download a list of sample designations here.
Important tax statement: We acknowledge that you will not receive any goods or services in return for you contribution, except for gifts designated to intercollegiate athletics. Please consult your tax advisor regarding gifts to athletics.

I hereby authorize the WMU Payroll Office to deduct the following as my gift to the University:
Amount per pay period:
Beginning paydate:
Because of the variance in pay periods between hourly and salaried employees during FY16, please indicate which of the month's pay periods you would like to begin the payroll deduction.
Number of pay periods:
Please allow at least one week for your request to be processed. If there is insufficient time to accommodate your requested start date, your deductions will begin on the following pay date.

Deductions per pay period:
Per pay period

24 pay periods

26 pay periods
$10 $240 $260
$25 $600 $650
$40 $960 $1,040
$50 $1,200 $1,300


Total amount of gift Salaried
24 pay periods
26 pay periods
$250 $10.42 $9.62**
$500 $20.83 $19.24
$1,000 $41.67 $38.45
$2,000 $83.33 $76.94
**Uneven amounts may be adjusted for joint gifts.

$2,500 qualifies you for The WMU Annual Giving Society
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