Foundation Board of Directors

The WMU Foundation is administered by the Executive Director/Secretary, who also serves as the Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations, and a volunteer Board of Directors, who oversee how funds can best be used to address the most urgent campus priorities.

 Name  Directors and Officers
 Mark D. Weishaar '80
 Director, President and Executive Committee Chair
 Lynn Chen-Zhang '91
 Director, Vice President
 Robert M. Beam '65 '71
 Director, Committee on Directors Chair
 James S. Brady '66
 Jeanne H. Carlson '68  Director
 Philip Chludzinski '80
 Director, Finance Committee Chair
 David L. Custer '69  Director
 Barbara J. DeMoor '78
 John M. Dunn
 Designated Director
 Steven A. East '90
 Director, Real Estate Committee Chair
 Stephanie M. Fletcher '66, '72 
 Joseph L. Gesmundo
 L. Leonard Harrison '76 '86
 Director, Investment Committee Chair
 Joseph B. Hemker '76
 Robert L. Herr '67
 William D. Johnston '70, '74
 Michael W. Lewis '71
 Kenneth V. Miller '69, '70
 Designated Director 
 Stephen K. Parker '79, '07  Director
 Floyd L. Parks '55, '64
 Thomas L. Reece '64
 James K. Sholl '82  Director
 Edd Snyder '70
 Theodore B. Stone '78
 Director, Audit Committee Chair
 Gary L. Swain
 Tim Terrentine  Secretary, Executive Director, Designated Director
 Janice J. Van Der Kley
 Designated Director, Treasurer
 Christopher C. Womack '79