WIDR Turns 60!

Posted on Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIDR celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Radio has changed a lot over the years, but somethings remain consistent, one of them: WIDR at WMU.

Aside from accumulating generations of listeners over the years, WIDR is significant because in addition to not airing any commercials, WIDR does not seek or accept corporate support. WIDR continues to exist, thanks to the generosity of listeners, alumni, and Kalamazoo community members.

Several events were held to commemorate the special "birthday"—but if you missed them, there are still ways to get involved.

You can listen to some alumni participating in WIDR's annual homecoming event, Ancient Air—with special appearances from crews from the 60s and 70s among others.


Check out WIDR's history, including a 50th anniversary video and MP3 files documenting the history of WIDR from 1949-75. 


Have photos, stories, memories, or memorabilia? Get in touch with WIDR to share it.