Making WMU Mobile

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2012

"This was a great real-life work experience for me," said Lance Danzy, Computer Science major. Danzy is among a handful of students who took part in creating and improving the WMU Mobile App.

The App, which was solely built and coded by students, launched version 1.0 in May 2011. Version 2.0 was released earlier in June, and just a few weeks ago, version 2.1 was released. Plans for the 2.2. app include additions of admissions info, the student course catalog and class descriptions, and a mobile version of the registrar.

The App is a "one-stop resource" for students, but alumni and staff enjoy it as well. The most recent version included access to class schedules and grade information. You can also check your webmail account, view a campus map, download the WMU Fight Song, see bus schedules, check the weather, view events and news, and much more.

Many Universities outsource to app development companies, but at WMU—that was not the case. "We take a lot of pride in saying this app was built by students," said lead-staff representative, Scott Puckett, "We have brilliant students."

The first version was built by six students, four for the second, and one student worked on the 2.1 enhancements (listed below). Each version is a two semester project for a Computer Science Senior Design class—the first semester is all planning, and building occurs in the second semester. Prior to development of the App, there were no mobile app development courses available at WMU, so it was a learning process for all involved—but now, students can take a course in Android App Development.

Students had some help—input was collected from other students campus-wide; Strategic Enrollment Management, University Relations, and the Office of Information Technology were involved—Facility Management also stepped in to help with mapping.

The App also serves a recruitment tool to get potential students excited about coming to WMU and then as a great tool for when they actually get here.

"I feel honored that my work will have a lasting impact on WMU students, and I enjoyed creating a service that makes campus life easier," said Danzy.

...And Danzy and his cohort's impact will most certainly be a lasting one, "Because students put in so much time and effort, they were promised their names would stay on the app no matter how many versions it goes through," Puckett said.

The App is available on both the Apple and Android platforms, check your app store to download it!

Student Involved:

Version 1.0

Christopher Ashbay (BS '11, Computer Science)

Ryan Berry (BS '11, Computer Science)

Kyle Falkenstein (BS '11, Computer Science)

Matthew Rodgers (BS '11, Computer Science)

Justus Reule (BS '11, Computer Science)

Timothy Wickey (BS '11, Computer Science)

Version 2.0

Lance Danzy (Senior, Computer Science)

Timothy Ham (Senior, Computer Science)

Nathan Shiff (BS '12, Computer Science)

Andrew Throesch (Senior, Computer Science)

Version 2.1

Taylor Keenan (Senior, Computer Science)