Flying Wild Alaska

Posted on Monday, January 23, 2012

Challenge: Deliver 1,600 pounds of volatile propane, by airplane, to a secluded fishing lodge in northern Alaska. Frightened? Not this Bronco!

Justin Essian (BS ’09, Flight Science) has a job that just doesn’t compare—and you can see him in action on the Discovery Channel. Essian is a pilot for Era Alaska, and it’s his job to deliver supplies to one of the most isolated, extreme, and remote regions of the Americas— the Bering Sea Coastline.

No freeways, buildings, or traces of human inhabitants for hundreds of miles, coupled with extreme Alaskan weather—these pilots need top notch experience and knowledge to get this job done.

Essian recently appeared on an episode of Flying Wild Alaska, a show that follows Era Alaska. Essian joined Era in 2010 as a co-pilot and acquired 500 miles of flying in order to become a pilot. He is certified instructor, so when he’s not delivering life’s necessities to rural populations, he’s teaching other people how to fly an airplane.

In the episode, Prop, Drop & Ball, Essian attempts to fly 1,600 pounds of volatile propane to a secluded fishing lodge.

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