Legacy Scholarship 2014

Apply for a Legacy Scholarship and the Legacy Gold Scholarship

The Legacy Scholarship was established by the WMU Alumni Association in 1990 to recognize the loyalty of multi-generational Bronco families. Recipients are awarded a non-renewable scholarship of $1,000, and are selected based on the following criteria. Applicants must be:
  • The child, stepchild, grandchild, step-grandchild, or sibling of a WMU alumna or alumnus
  • Admitted to WMU as a regular undergraduate, degree-seeking student
  • Entering WMU for the first time, as a first-year (freshman) or transfer student
New in 2014, out-of-state students who meet the above criteria are eligible to be awarded a $15,000 Legacy Gold Scholarship.

The deadline to submit an application is February 1, 2014
Please note: For those students who qualify, the application below will be submitted for both scholarship opportunities 

If you have any questions, please contact Hardy Figueroa at (269) 387-8774.

Please have your Future Bronco complete the form below to apply.
First Name
Last Name
WIN (Western ID Number):
Address 1:
Address 2:
Phone Number:
Entering Class Status
Legacy Relative Relation
Legacy Relative Name
Additional Legacy Relatives
High School Name
High School Years Attended
High School Address:
High School City, State, Zip
College(s) Attended:
Name of School Activity One
Description of Activity One
Activity One Hours per Month
Years Involved in Activity One

Name of School Activity Two:
Description of Activity Two
Activity Two Hours per Month
Years Involved in Activity Two

Additional Activities
Name of Community Service Activity One
Description of Community Service Activity One
Community Service Activity One Hours/Month
Years in Community Service Activity One

Additional Community Service Activities
Honors, Awards, Achievements
Name of Employer
Job Title:
Hours per Week
Additional Employment
Discuss why you decided to enroll at Western Michigan University and how you can make an impact at the University? Submission must be made into the text box below either by direct entry or copy and paste. Essays should follow APA guidelines for any citations and references. This portion of the application is weighed heavily by the scholarship committee in making decisions.
Essay Submission
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